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We are Re-Branding!

In Spring 2019, Uncommon Green will become Well Told!

After 10 years as Uncommon Green, we are excited to re-brand and re-name our company as Well Told to more truly reflect the essence of what we do: creating unique, exceptionally crafted goods that tell your story and fuel your sense of inspiration. 

Visit www.welltolddesign.com to view our new website and sign up for updates on our new brand launch, new product releases, exclusive discounts, and more.

Who We Are and What We Do

Four great friends. One shared purpose: to create unique, beautifully made goods that not only tell your story, they become part of it. 

Through smart and stylish design, meaningfully customized content, and exceptional craftsmanship, we transform everyday home goods and accessories into timeless personal artifacts made to inspire a lifetime of great moments.

Our Beginnings

Our company was founded as Uncommon Green in 2009 by designer Brian Johnson. An engineer and industrial designer by trade, Brian saw an opportunity to create an entirely new category home goods and décor that went beyond functionality and style, but also employed unique materials and design content that resonated with the user on a deeper level. Working out of his small South Boston apartment in his spare time, Brian debuted Uncommon Green online and began selling his wares.

As his passion-project turned into a fledgling business, Brian brought his college friends Dave, Neil, and Colin on board to help bring his vision to more people and to create an entirely new category of ultra-personalized goods and gifts that resonate on a deeper level and enhance the moment of use.  

Our Mission

Our core belief can be expressed in two simple words: Live inspired.

In other words, do your thing and do it proudly. Have a blast. Work hard. Stay curious. Be good to others. Love what you do.

We believe this kind of attitude is infectious, and it’s our mission to spread it as far and wide as possible through the products we create.

Our Promise

We aim to bring to you exceptional goods with a conscience. We make every effort to source our materials and packaging from U.S.-based companies and to partner with other small businesses to bring our designs to life.

Finally, we strive to strengthen our communities through charitable giving and service while minimizing our environmental impact by using Earth-friendly materials and practices. These core values—and a promise to treat every customer like family—are behind everything we do.


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