Flotsam Votive Holders

  • A stylish votive holder for inside or out.

    Flotsam is made from a series of highly engineered composite materials specially made for use in deep sea submersible applications and weight critical Navy applications (ie. decks of US Navy Destroyers).

    Unconventional materials used conventionally.

    Available in four colors based on depth rating of materials used.

    Light Yellow - Diver, 1000m

    Tan - Deep Sea, 1500m

    Green - No Way Up, 2250m

    Blue - Crushing Depths, 3250m

    *disclaimer: your candles may not light well underwater*

    *NOTE: The current lead time for these is approximately 4 weeks. After purchase you will received updated shipping information within 1 week of the product shipping. All orders are custom made and filled first in first out, please make your order soon to ensure you are first on the list!*

    Please be aware that these are intended to be used with led candles. This material is similar to wood and is not recommended to be used with open flame candles.