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Olives & Grace is where it's at

November 17, 2014

Yesterday we visited Olives & Grace, a cool little shop in Boston's South End that carries an awe-inspiring array of local, handmade, and socially responsible goods (including our Boston Maps Rocks Glasses!). We had a blast meeting and chatting with Sofi, who owns the store and curates the collection, and shares our passion for supporting small business and the community. She also puts together really nice gift boxes and sets. If you're within 50 miles of Boston at all during the holidays, it's worth the trip.


While we were there, we also got to meet Robin of Doves and Figs, who makes probably the best jams on planet Earth. She and her daughter make everything by hand in their kitchen and use only fruits grown in Massachusetts by local farms. We tasted a jam called Sunday Brunch -- they should really call it Heaven on a Cracker (Or Whatever Else You Want to Put It On). Let's just say we'll be stocking up on that one, and you should too.